If you’re installing a tile floor in your kitchen, bathroom or basement, heated flooring is one of the most popular items to consider.

Heated flooring is a great way to keep your feet toasty warm. If you have a cold basement or a room located over a garage, a heated floor can be just the thing to warm up the space. Heated flooring won’t necessarily increase the value of your home, but it does increase your comfort!

Expect to add at least $1,200 to your project, with costs increasing relative to your room size, the materials used and how hi-tech a thermostat you install. We’ve installed 100’s of heated floors, and find most people make the decision to go ahead based on lifestyle goals and their finances.

If you want it and can afford it, do it. In-floor heating is wonderful. If it’s a stretch and you’re worried about getting a return on your investment, it’s a “nice-to-have” versus a necessity.

We’re happy to speak with you about the pros and cons of in-floor heating; we’ll discuss your options, and the time and cost implications to your project to help you make a good decision.