Tile is incredibly durable. It can outlast everything else in your house. This makes choosing the right tile particularly important.

Tile is notoriously difficult to choose due to a dizzying number of choices available. Your choices should consider; its intended use, how much traffic it needs to endure, how much maintenance you’re prepared to do, its costs to purchase and install, plus the tile material, size, colour, shape, pattern and surface texture. Don’t forget you also need to align your tile selection with your fixtures and the other surfaces in the room.

When you start thinking about tile, we recommend you start with your material and installation budget, along with the intended use, to help you narrow your choices. If you have an urgent timeline, then availability can play an important role as well.

Once you define your budget, consider your material next.

Natural stone, while arguably the most beautiful, tends to cost the most, requires the most maintenance and provides the least durability. Ceramics are very durable, require little maintenance and are often the lowest cost option. Porcelain is less porous, stronger and more stain resistant than ceramic, but it comes with a higher price tag.

New and reclaimed glass tiles are another option to consider. Glass tiles are slightly transparent and highly reflective. They can brighten a room and add some sparkle to your design. They are not porous, so they resist staining and are easier to clean. However, glass tiles can be costly, and they are easily scratched.

Your next step is to consider the size of the room and what role you want your tile to play in the design. Do you want the tile to anchor other design elements or do you want the tile to be the focal point, providing the colour and texture to an otherwise plain space?

Next, we recommend you search Pinterest boards for design ideas before you consult with an interior designer or a tile expert. Pinterest boards will help you refine your design and tile selection and are a great way to show your consultant what ideas you have in mind.

You will be living with your tiles for a long time. Take your time with your tile decisions and feel free to consult with us so you can make choices you’ll be happy with for years to come.