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Residential Kitchens, Bathrooms, Flooring And More

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Hire A Master Tile Setter/ Installer

When you engage Contemporary Marble and Tile, you are choosing to work with Bob Stewart a master tile setter with over 30 years of commercial and residential experience around the world. You’re not hiring Bob’s apprentice; you’re hiring Bob to work on your project personally.
Bob will come to your home to meet with you to discuss your project, help you make informed product and installation decisions that improve durability, look better and/or save you money and time.
Once you engage Bob, he’ll work with you as a partner would to source product and complete the work quickly and professionally, with minimal hassle and no drama. If you care about quality and want to work with a meticulous but efficient craftsman, look no further.

Kitchen Floors, Back Splashes and More

If you’re renovating your kitchen (floor, counter or backsplash), you’re going to need a tile setter on your team. Especially if you’re a “do it your selfer” or coordinating your sub-trades on your own.
There’s a lot to do in any kitchen reno from ripping up old flooring to reinforcing your subfloor, selecting your tiles, to installing heated floors etc. You’re going to appreciate Bob’s input and support on your project as he’ll do more than just install your tiles, he’ll walk you through the whole experience as your renovation partner, making the tiling experience a joy (as much as any tiling project can be joyful).
Call Bob as early in the process as you can to save yourself the time and hassle of learning everything on your own.

Let Us Create Your Perfect Little Oasis

When it comes to bathrooms, people are as concerned about protecting their home from water damage as they are about aesthetics and a master tile setter offers invaluable advice on form, function, affordability and durability.
There’s no other room in your house with more tile than your master bathroom. From heated tile flooring to shower floors, tub surrounds and in some cases ceiling tiles; bathrooms use a lot of tile to control moisture, look great and add value to your home.
Let Bob lead you through the design, installation, care and maintenance process, so you feel great about your design and tile choices for years to come.

Stylish And Practical Tile Floors

Tile floors are perfect for wet locations, high traffic areas, and to minimize damage from children and pets. Tile floors are incredibly durable, easy to clean and to care for. Your choice of tile can either ground a room or dazzle with classic style, warmth and elegance.
Your flooring materials, design and installation choices are the foundation of your interior design. As a result, tile flooring deserves and requires special attention as you need to get it right the first time.
Your master tile setter is an invaluable partner in the design process, who’ll steer you clear of costly material and installation mistakes, to make sure you never regret your investment in tile.

Ready To Update Your Fireplace?

Transform your out-of-date fireplace eyesore into the luxury feature it was intended to be, with tile.
The idea of modernising a fireplace can be intimidating as they often look like permanent rock solid fixtures better left alone. The reality is fireplaces are not to be feared as they can be a relatively low-cost opportunity to modernise your interior and improve its appeal.
With fireplace renovations, you’re literally playing with fire, so it is best to talk to a professional before you start. Your master tile setter will give you a realistic sense of what’s involved, and how best to proceed with your fireplace update.

Bring The Classic Indoor Look Outside

Yes, you can install tile outdoors in Calgary. It takes some planning and careful materials selection but you can bring the classic indoor look of tile to your outdoor spaces.
Tiles are great for patios, decorative features, fountains, pools, paths and walkways, stairways, and more. There are so many new and classic products to choose from you really should talk to an expert in outdoor tile to make sure you understand your options.
If you’re considering an outdoor tile project, please reach out and talk to us. We’ll help you make good choices and then we’ll make sure you enjoy your decisions for years to come.


Before you install tile, laminate or hardwood, make sure your floor is smooth and level. This is particularly important for older homes, tile installations and in basement installs.
There are a variety of ways to prepare and level your floors and our first task is to determine what’s best and most cost effective for your home.
If you’re considering a new floor in your basement or you know your floors are not level, contact us and schedule an evaluation. We’ll be happy to take a look and help understand your options and so you can move forward with your new flooring project.


Tiling projects can be large and complex. It’s important to make a wise decision on who to work with. We’ve prepared answers to the questions most people ask us. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, either call or email us and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

Is Your In-Home Project Consultation Free?2018-03-28T19:58:33+00:00

Yes. There is no charge for our in-home consultation and project estimate.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Quote?2018-03-28T19:59:21+00:00

It depends on the size and complexity of the project. However, for most standard projects we provide next day quoting. For very large and specialty projects, it could take as long as five days to get you a detailed price estimate.

What Are The Payment Options And Schedule?2018-03-28T20:00:24+00:00

Generally, we require 50% up front and the balance upon completion. We accept cash, cheque and credit.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?2018-03-28T20:01:30+00:00

The short answer is; It Depends.

If you cancel before we’ve purchased product or schedule the work, we simply cancel the job and return your deposit. If we’ve purchased products and/or scheduled the work, we charge a 20% cancellation fee.

What Is Your Warranty?2018-04-18T15:34:15+00:00

Most products carry a unique manufacturer’s warranty. We guarantee our workmanship for two years.

Are You Licensed And Insured?2018-03-28T20:02:57+00:00

Yes, we are licensed and insured.

Do I Need A Building Permit?2018-03-28T20:06:34+00:00

Most tiling projects by themselves do not require a permit.

Do You Have References?2018-03-28T20:04:03+00:00

Yes, and we’ll be pleased to provide references upon request.

How Long Will My Installation Take?2018-03-28T20:04:52+00:00

Every project is unique, but many projects can be completed within a week. Keep in mind. However, project timelines are sometimes affected by other sub-trades and product availability.

Request An Estimate

If you have a tiling project and you want to speak with an experienced installer, we’ll be happy to help. We’ll come over and have a look. We will discuss product options, different approaches, a likely timeline and more. If you think you’d like to proceed, we’ll work up a quote and collaborate with you to determine how best to meet your needs.




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