Half the battle in remodeling a shower is knowing what’s possible and what terms to search online for design options. We’ve prepared a short list of the most popular items and what they’re called, to help you compare design possibilities.

This is a recessed shower niche. They are also called alcoves. They are great for minimising the clutter in your shower as they give you somewhere to put everything. They can be purchased prefabricated, in hundreds of sizes and different configurations. Your tile setter can custom make them as well.

In addition to the larger niches, you can also get smaller ones specifically made for shaving your legs. They are called recessed tile footrests.

This is a prefabricated or pre-formed shower bench. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are also weight-bearing, allowing for seating or to serve as a footrest for shaving your legs.

Tile Insert Linear Shower Drains are another popular item with a complicated name. These stylish drains are available in hundreds of different lengths, shapes and configurations. There are pros and cons to these drains and they can’t be used in every application, so it’s best to check with us when considering these.

Shower accessories make a big difference in how you enjoy your shower. We’re happy to speak with you about your options and help you make good decisions.